On handlebars or luggage rack?

There are 2 options for attaching your FILSAFE baskets: to the handlebars or to the luggage rack, front or rear.


Only the FilSafe CUBE basket can be attached to the handlebars, thanks to its notch. But not alone! You must first equip yourself with a KlickFix mount, depending on your kind of bike: mounting on the horizontal or vertical part of the handlebars, with or without a key? You will find the suitable support in the Mountings section of our site.

Warning : take into account the diameter of your handlebar!!! We offer several sizes, make sure you get the right one.

Attach the bike basket to the handlebars



The FilSafe CUBE bicycle basket and the FilSafe CARGO flat bicycle basket can be attached to luggage racks, whether front or rear. Each basket is delivered with a fixing system and its associated hardware.

But how? Simply slide the tabs under the luggage rack and screw the bike basket or flat bike basket onto it. This system makes it possible to adapt to all luggage racks using only a flat screwdriver and a spanner!

Example of attaching FilSafe CUBE to a luggage rack:

Attach the FILSAFE1

Example of attaching FilSafe CARGO to a luggage rack: