Bags and Bikes


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you and your bike didn't know what to do with your load? A bulky box, your shopping bag, a suitcase or a flask lying around?

The project Bagsandbike is inspired by the lives of all of us cyclists. The story begins the day we decided to solve these daily hassles that we faced when having to transport this or that object while riding our bicycle.

Originally, it was a family desire to innovate, undertake and create an object capable of making cyclists' lives easier , whether they are beginners, experienced, urban, Sunday riders and even candidates for the Tour de France. All this to make their travels safer and more pleasant.

After two years of research involving engineers, designers and anthropologists, the patented FILSAFE bicycle baskets were born in the heart of the Bordeaux region.

Today, our new generation and modular bicycle solutions allow you to transport, support and maintain any type of object, without limit of load or volume according to your needs.

We then let you imagine everything you can do with your baskets!


At Bagsandbike's our production is 100% French . We want to guarantee products that are made to last .

We use light and strong materials, powder-coated galvanized steel for optimal protection.


For the very innovation of our bicycle baskets, we have selected colorful Strectchers manufactured by our French partnerJoubert Group in Ambert. And once again, it's quality that counts: the synthetic nylon used is ultra-resistant and ultra-stretchy .



Since the creation of Bagsandbike , FILSAFE products were Winners and Finalists:

From the Aquitaine TRANSTECH regional competition.

From the TALENCE INNOVATION Sud Développement competition.

From the MICHELIN DEVELOPPEMENT Bordeaux grant.

Regional competition BGE and RESEAU ENTREPRENDRE .


FIL SAFE bicycle basket